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¿Quien sabe leer? Who knows

how to read?

Hello people! Just how we eat and use the rest-
room everyday, we also learn something new as well and
every night we go to bed refl ecting what we lived during
the last few hours as well as what comes next tomorrow.
The world we live in, what we have to do at all
times and the responsibilities around us at all times have
left us a minimal margin to do what we would like to do
with our free time.
How many of us read because we like it? Al-
most all of us who know how to read, we do it because
we have to and not because we like it. Letters in the mail,
Texts,documents that indicate something or another, we
just read between the lines if at all, hardly ever do we read
the entire text therefore a lot of times not really under-
standing what is being relayed. we sort of try to interpret
and think that what is written there was understood.
They say that it is wise to read, and that a lot of
people who succeed in business or in any other profession
are people who dedicate a part of their time to reading
books for knowledge or entertainment. Passionate read-
ings so deep that at times they take a pinch of the narrative
and in the future is used by the readers for his benefi t.
Reading is understanding whats in writing, read-
ing is comprehending what the author is trying to say or
explain. Reading is creating interpretations, imagination
and refl ection from what was published. Reading is con-
centrating and to have an interest in assimilating what is
before our eyes and into our memories. Reading is a pas-
sion that enriches our wisdom and it uncovers what we are
able to do during our actions and movements.
Friends, consider that to create a reading habit is
very important as important as eating every day. Reading
is free and in turn in produces invaluable wealth. In order
to ask for something you must fi rst learn how to give and
to do so, you must understand how to do it. Reading tells
us how to and it invites us to practice formulas that will
place us at the level of any circumstance, moment or fact
that we must face throughout our lifes.
If you want it bad enough you will have it, reading
is something that helps us and its also good for us. Read
alone , with your family or among friends. Comprehend,
debate and make your own conclusions about everything
within the publication. Dedicate time for reading and you
will be able to step away from the monotony of evert day.
Besides it will also be a way to leave stress aside.
I invite you to always have dessert let reading be
your choice, let it call your attention and let it make you
emotional wanting to know whats next. Be it spiritual, self
help, romance or comedy, reading will provide us with the
opportunity to create our own images and discovery of
the magic being offered by the letters that pass before our
eyes with such insatiable quest for knowledge and desire
to know everything that comes before us.
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