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Sólo hay una vida We only live once

Hello people! So many tragedies. Thousands of
people have lost it all. Nature in the way of Hurricanes
and Earthquakes have taken the lives of hundreds and
hundreds of loved ones. Countless people have nothing
and so many others have have their existence upside down
one way or another.
In so many Islands as well as mainland in the
American Continent, natural disasters have been present
during the month of September of 2017, that no doubt will
be remembered as one of the most tragic months in the
modern history of our planet.
We try and fi nd a way to help those we can be it
donating money or supplies the different donation centers
news media as well as social media have been inform-
ing non stop during the last 24 hrs, countless scenes and
stories that show you a glimpse of what those affected are
dealing with.
And on top of all this we add all the terrorist acts
around the world, along with the nuclear threats that have
millions under the shadow of terror and doubt of what can
happen at any moment, reality is taking us to a hole new
ball game we have never even imagined.
Faced with all this, What can we do? First of all,
try and save someone’s life, be prepared in shelters as
well, food bank,tools and medicines, fi rst aid, clothes and
1st necessity items.
A few days ago a lady said: You only live once,
and therefore you must live at Max speed and with the one
that wants to spend it with you, and for those who don't
want to, May god bless them.
Her words, made me think about the reason why
she says “you only live once and you must enjoy it”. I have
always manifested in my writing and before my friends,
that we must set aside all those things that bug us. Avoid
what makes you sick or could carry awful consequences,
and stay away from emotional or physical danger.
The world is changing and it is inevitable. We
must create our own path and share it with those around
us as well as loved ones. I will never get tired of saying
that you should enjoy all that God has given you and to
make sure you care for those things you can.
Wake up with a smile, thank god for another day
and get it done. With the best attitude and your best face,
this will always let you enjoy the journey that will end at
some point.
Take care or your health, eat and drink respon-
sibly everything you like or what the doctor has allowed
you to. Exercise and try and take a couple deep breaths of
free oxygen.
Lets go for it all and even if you face rocks and
obstacles along the way, we must learn to avoid them and
must make desitions that are for the best of our present
past and future. The past is long gone and the only thing
that matters is moving forward.
Friends, I invite you to lend a hand to those in
need near you and pray for a better way of life. Today is
them, tomorrow is someone else and so on and so forth.
Up until the moment that we leave this life and there is
nothing else but the memories from those who stay.
¡Que viva la raza!
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