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La ltima llamada Last Call

Hello people! Can you run up a count
from 1 to 250K?, how long would it take you?
In Mexico, people are killed everyday, its
actually becoming as common as eating every-
day. What is happening? Some would say “its just
Applause to Lopez Obrador won and come
December 1st Mexico will have a new presidnet.
More than 30 Million people voted for this man
and now they are just waiting, an entire country
on hold, hoping that life will change, hoping for
the return of peace and an end to the insecurity
that thrive’s in this nation of over 120 million.
No more immunity nor corruption, fair is
fair and we need an end to injustice, among doz-
ens of campaign promises made throughout the
nation and even to the Mexicans abroad.
So I go back to the 250K, this represents
the number of killings in the last 2 terms in Mex-
ico. Each digit represents a dead person that is
no longer alive and that at this point it is only re-
membered as a statistic or by people close or en-
emies as well.
I can almost assure you that at this point
we all know someone who has been killed. Fam-
ily or friend or just an acquaintance. Note that In
not counting accidental not natural causes or sick-
ness either, I'm just looking at killings.
Friends, how many of you have asked
yourself, is this the last cell phone call we have?
Who would you call fi rst? What would
you say or hear?
A couple days ago, a very dear friend of
mine was killed. They say that he reported a leak
of gas or gasoline, both his and his coworker were
killed, he was a fi refi ghter in Mexico.
I believe that the only thing they cared for
was to bring the people to safety. There are others
that see it differently, and they see how its as easy
as cold blood, and how they got to them and most
were executed with long weapons.
How many more killings in Mexico? how big is
the craving or necessity of killing people every-
Is there a sort of Manual in Mexico so the
you can refer to it if your loved one doesn't make
it home. What or who are the enemy and how are
you supposed to confront them.
Aunt: you are wise. We don't know what
the future holds for us. Toñito RIP. ¡Que viva la
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